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Manage Evidence for Every Case With Security and Ease

Advent eVidence is the newest resource from AdventFS. The platform allows prosecutors to consolidate, organize and prepare all digital evidence efficiently and effectively around criminal cases. The program allows users to do a variety of things including

  • Organize, prepare, and share evidence efficiently and effectively.

  • Fully configurable to comply with the policies and regulations of your organization.

  • Affordably priced according to your evidence storage needs and retention policies.

  • Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

  • Create secure and unique upload links for contributing agencies.

  • Track and report activity on individual files within a case.

  • Easily fulfill discovery, FOIA or open records requests through secure download links.

The Advent eVidence platform handles all file and document types from the digitization of paper and text-based documents, audio files, video files and everything in-between. Files are stored in a central, consolidated repository with full case and contributor details for chain of custody audits. Giving prosecutors a single secure online source to organize and manage everything their cases require.

To learn more about our newest platform, Advent eVidence, please contact

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